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When you sign up to sell 50/50 raffle tickets, here's what you'll do:


  1. See the 50/50 raffle coordinator who will be sitting behind the band wearing an apron and holding a bucket with raffle tickets. Tickets come in pairs – one ticket for the purchaser and the other is turned in for the raffle at the end of your shift.

  2. You will receive an apron and a handful of raffle tickets: 1 ticket is $1, 7 tickets is $5 (this our best-seller).

  3. Take the raffle tickets and sell to our Fairfax Rebel families walking up and down the bleachers.  Think of all the steps you will accumulate on your Fitbit! Keep selling tickets until halftime.

  4. You will return the raffle tickets and money to 50/50 raffle coordinator to count.  Half of the money from tickets sold goes to the winner announced at end of the third quarter of the game and the other half goes to our well-deserving band program: 50/50!


Please sign up to help make our 50/50 raffle a success this year - you get to meet so many wonderful Fairfax parents and grandparents while selling tickets.

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