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SCHEDULE: September 21, VMBC Battle of the Blue Ridge, Winchester, VA 

Eat a good breakfast before arriving at the band room. No eating in the band room. 

Bring easy to eat, snacks to eat on the bus to and from the competition. Bring your water bottle. 

Bring a packed lunch AND dinner or have cash to buy lunch and dinner at concessions.  


Band - Arrive at school in shorts or leggings, show shirt, black socks, and drill masters. Bring your bibbers and jacket in your garment bag.  Double-check before you leave home that you have your complete uniform and your garment bag.


Bring sunscreen and a hat. It will be warm and sunny! A string bag would be useful. We will not have access to the buses from 2-6:00 pm.  

Remember your instrument and accessories.

Color Guard -  Arrive in competition uniform (show shirt, black leggings, guard jacket, athletic shoes). If show uniforms are available, bring them in your garment bag with shoes, make-up and accessories.

Make sure you know how your student is getting home! No students can walk home alone and Mr. B will want to go home too, but he can't leave until all students are picked-up.

Spirit boxes are decorated shoe boxes filled with individual-sized snacks and drinks to eat on the bus. 

The Truck will be loaded after the football game on Friday night.


Saturday, Sept. 21

8:00 AM: ALL MB and CG MEMBERS and parent volunteers report to FHS band room.

8:45 AM: Truck leaves.

8:45 AM: Load coach buses (students carry hat boxes-put your gloves inside; clarinets and flutes in cases onto the bus); larger instruments, flags, coolers, garment bags go under the bus. Water and Gatorade will be available at the competition.

9:00 AM: Buses leave FHS for Winchester.

10:30 AM: Buses and truck arrive at the competition; FHS MB and PIT unload truck and buses, change into uniforms, prepare for warm-up (BUS 3 band members, please exit the bus as quickly as possible so color guard can have privacy to change on the bus).

11:00 AM: Entire band moves to warm-up area C, warms up.

11:50 AM: Move to Clinic C performance area.

12:00 PM: FHS MB Performs for clinic.

1:00 PM: Band returns to truck and buses to store instruments and remove uniform, fold or hang your uniform neatly. Get a wrist band! Enjoy concessions and watching other bands. We will sit as a group in the stadium. Students must stay in groups of 3 or more if leaving their seats and must tell a chaperone; remember you are representing FHS Marching Rebels at all times, both on and off the field. An adult must know where you are at all times! (if weather is a concern we will move to Apple Blossom Mall).

6:00 PM: All band members, chaperones and parent volunteers leave the stadium to return to the truck and buses, bus captains take roll if necessary. 

6:15 PM: FHS MB and PIT unload truck and buses, change into uniforms, prepare for warm-up (BUS 3 band members, please exit the bus as quickly as possible so color guard can have privacy to change and complete make-up and hair on the bus).

7:00 PM: Entire band move to the band warm-up area, warm-up, load pit equipment and prop onto VNBC trailers.

7:45 PM: Prepare to depart for gate.

8:00 PM: Arrive at entrance gate.

8:15 PM: FHS Marching Rebels Perform! (Spectators arrive early, performance times can change).

8:30 PM: MB return to stadium seats immediately after the performance. Sousa, pit, battery, color guard with flags, and pit/prop parent volunteers, return to the truck, quickly load truck and return to stadium to watch awards. Truck leaves for FHS. 

9:15 PM: Drum Majors report to band entrance gate.

9:00 PM: Awards

10:00 PM: MB & CG return to buses and truck after awards; load buses.

10:30 PM: Depart competition for FHS.

12:15 AM: Arrive FHS, unpack buses and unload truck.

Competition Spectator Information: 

Millbrook High School

251 First Woods Drive

Winchester, VA 22603

FHS clinic 12:00 PM, Performance time is 8:15 PM or earlier,  Awards at 9:30 PM. 

SPECTATOR ENTRANCE FEE:  $10 adults, $5 senior citizens and children under 12. Cash or credit.

Concessions available: cash or credit.


Questions please email Mariann Seybold

In case of an emergency call or text, the Competition Coordinator MariAnn Seybold at 703-975-8990.

Competition FAQs


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