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Q: What does the band do during a home game?

A: The Marching Band and Color Guard (CG) perform a pre-show, play from their stands section during the game, perform the competition show at halftime, go to concessions during the 3rd quarter and return to the stands to play during the 4th quarter.

Q: Do band members stay for the whole game?

A: Yes

Q: Is attendance at home football games mandatory?

A: Yes, if your student or family has an emergency, illness, or unavoidable conflict, please contact Mr. Buchroeder (or Brianna for CG) and their section leader. Remember marching band is a team sport with 100% participation, there will be a hole if your student is not there.

Q: Do you need a ticket to get into the game?

A: Yes, all spectators must purchase a ticket before entering the stadium. The MB members get in for free. Tickets are sold from the ticket booth next to the stadium entrance. Tickets are $6 ($5 for students) cash only. Plan ahead the ticket line gets very long close to kick-off.

Q: What time does the game start?

A: Pre-game approximately 6:45pm, kick-off at 7pm.

Q: When do students eat?

A: Students eat before the report time and during the 3rd quarter. Water is available for the band throughout the game.

Q: Can band members eat in their uniforms?

A: No, band members must remove their uniform jackets, fold them neatly inside out, before eating or drinking anything other than water. CG must change out of their uniform or wear warm-ups. This does not apply to the summer uniform.

Q: Where are the restrooms?

A: The restrooms are near the concession stand past the scoreboard. You cannot get into the school during the game or leave the stadium and return.

Q: What if it rains?

A: That depends on how hard. Thunderstorms, the game is delayed or ends. Light rain, the band plays. It will be the band director's decision.

Q: When is the game over?

A: Usually between 9 and 10pm. Plan ahead, the parking lot will be crowded. It will take students a few minutes to pack-up after the game.

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