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August 11-17, 2019



Monday-Friday August 12-16: Band Camp Week 2 8am - 8:30pm

Thursday, August 15th: Booster Meeting 6:30pm

Friday, August 16th: Lock-In 8:30pm - 10:30pm


Hey Band!


Happy Band Camp! We’ve had a very successful Week 1 and are gearing up for Week 2. Knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder, and start giving rabbits foot massages, but we are looking at some great camp weather for this coming week!


We are continuously evolving our camp experience, and volunteers are essential at making those tweaks a success. PLEASE pitch in through our Sign Up Genius. 


We are in need of shade tents, the more the better! Some of you have already committed to bringing them in: THANK YOU! Please have them set up on the sidelines near the track by 8 am. There is very little to no shade near the football field, so these are critical in having more restorative water breaks.


Going into this weekend before the “big” Week 2, I took some time to reflect on where we are at: We have the drill for the first movement on the field, an amazing arrangement that fits our group SO well, expert staff who bring enthusiasm and a passion for teaching, an incredibly supportive learning community of hard-working parents, supportive administration, and talented students who keep showing greater levels of dedication and drive. HOW LUCKY ARE WE???


It is a blessing to get to teach in this school. The PEOPLE are what separate us from other places. Treasure these coming days. Through all the hard work, sweat, frustration, and “one-more-time”s, we are forming memories, relationships, and lessons that will last a lifetime. The days might seem long in the moment, but they will be gone in a flash forever. Make the most of your time while you have it!


With great anticipation,


Patric Buchroeder

Director of Bands

Fairfax High School


Lock-In: The school building officially closes at 11pm, so we are ending the Lock-In a little earlier than planned, at 10:30pm. Students must be picked up no later than 10:45pm.


To piggy-back on what Mr. B said, we need volunteers! Many hands make light work and YOU are critical to our success. These areas especially need attention:


  • TENT - donations to keep our kids shady during sunny days

  • ICE POP - donations needed for Tuesday, August 13th at 11:30am

  • LOCK-IN - we need ONE more adult Friday, August 16th! C'mon and have fun! 

  • KINGS DOMINION - chaperones - we need a few more adults to join us Tuesday, August 20th for KD! 

Thank you to those who have already signed up to volunteer and/or donate items! PLEASE pitch in through our Sign Up Genius.

Ready to Form Your Band Carpools?

We have created a Google map showing the home addresses of those of you who indicated that you were interested in forming carpools.  Email Ginny Cate for access to the map. Click on the dots close to your home for contact information for others in your area who are also interested in setting up carpools. Happy carpooling!

Booster Meeting:

Please attend our first Booster meeting of the season on Thursday, August 15th at 6:30pm. Location, TBD; enter at Door 23 and we will have signs up letting you know where.


Monday-Friday, August 19-23: Band Camp Week 3 8am - 5pm

Tuesday, August 20: Kings Dominion

Friday, August 23: Tailgate/Cookout 5:30pm, Preview of Marching Band Performance 7pm

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Band Director: Patric Buchroeder