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February 4-10, 2019  


Thursday/Friday, February 7/8:  Cash and Check Fruit Sales End

Wednesday, February 13:  Online Fruit Sales End

Thursday, February 21:  Five Guys Restaurant Night

Thursday, February 21:  Band Booster Meeting, 7pm

Wednesday, February 27:  Pre-Assessment Concert Dress Rehearsals, 3:30-6pm

Thursday, February 28:  Pre-Assessment Concert, 7pm


Dear Band Family,

At our January Booster meeting, I laid out options for modifying our usual rehearsal schedule for marching band during the school year. The goal was to maximize stadium time, a goal shared by myself, students, and parents. The turf field provides the best learning environment: consistent, accurate field lines; no mud; acoustics consistent with competitions; better vantage points for staff to offer feedback.


We have the opportunity, provided by cooperation between band, football and field hockey coaches, and the Student Affairs office, to meet everyone’s instructional/coaching goals, but it does come with some compromise via a change in rehearsal times, specifically, moving some rehearsals to an evening time.


At the meeting and in several follow up emails that expressed some concerns about changes to the schedule, I recognize that evening rehearsals will make for a late night. With that in mind, I have amended the schedule to the following:

  • Monday (3:30 – 6:00pm):  either the asphalt or practice field

  • Tuesday (6:30 – 8:45pm):  in the stadium

  • Thursday (6:30 – 8:45pm) OR Friday (3:30 – 6pm): in the stadium​​​

    • The day of the week is contingent on the football schedule: Home game weeks mean Thursday practice; Away game weeks mean Friday practice.

    • The full rehearsal calendar will be provided well in advance of the Fall, allowing families to plan/ schedule accordingly.


This schedule means 30 minutes less rehearsal time per week (meaning 5 – 7 hours less instructional time for the whole season. That’s most of a week of rehearsal time out of the calendar!) but will help students be out the door by 9pm.


This schedule gives us two days a week in the stadium, allows our staff to be present for the large majority of the rehearsal time, involves AT MOST two evening rehearsals (allowing students to take jobs, or do their homework at a regular time, etc.), provides a mid-week break to take care of homework, and gives students time to see faculty for extra help or participate in clubs on Thursdays right after school. It will also help with the intense heat & sun we have in those early fall days.


We’re going to have to work together to iron out the kinks, but I am convinced that the pros outweigh the cons. Please don’t hesitate to email me.




Patric Buchroeder, Director of Bands

Fairfax High School



Survey Regarding Optional Summer Practices:

The director and staff will be holding a weekly clinic in the month of July. Fundamentals of music and marching will be covered, helping us hit the ground running when August comes.


The summer is a time that many families take vacation. We are fully supportive of this! Travel when and where you can! Attendance at these clinics is NOT mandatory, but is highly encouraged (i.e., if you CAN be there, you should come!)

The clinics will be two hours, with an hour on marching/movement and an hour on music. The sessions are designed to be an accelerator for the fall. If you cannot attend, there is no penalty; we will be happy to teach whomever shows up! That said, we ask that accommodations be made when possible to summer job/activity schedules to allow student participation.


As members of the premier military bands, our staff is busy during the summer with ceremonies, concerts, and other performance obligations (the best are always in demand!). This leaves their availability open to only a few days and times. To help us choose the best overall schedule, please complete the survey:


Fruit Sales Fund-raiser! 

~15% (22 Student Families, out of 152) have online sales amounting to $547 for our Band Booster account

~ We REALLY need 100% participation to make this a successful fundraiser!


Paper orders with check payments due in class before Friday, Feb 8.

Online orders continue until midnight on Wednesday, February 13.

Upcoming Concert Dates:  

Pre-Assessment Concert: February 28th @ 7:00pm (FHS Auditorium)

  • Dress Rehearsal/Run through February 27: 3:30 - 6 p.m.


VBODA Assessment: March 15th/16th @ TBD (Centreville HS)

  • Dates/Times are TBD, but have generally followed:

    • March 15: Concert Band (during school day, extending through afternoon)

    • March 16: Symphonic and Wind Ensemble TBD

Spring Concert: May 28th @7pm (FHS Auditorium)

  • Dress Rehearsal/Run through May 24th: 3:30-6pm

FHS Band, Chorus, and Orchestra Spring Trip, Orlando, FL, March 20-24, 2019:

Payment Schedule

October 15, 2018 $100.00 Non-refundable*

November 19, 2018 $300.00

January 21, 2019 $200.00 Non-refundable**

February 18, 2019 Balance Non-refundable***

TOTAL approx. $850

*Deposit is non-refundable. If a student needs to withdraw from the trip, notification must be received prior to January 21st, 2019.

**After this date, the trip becomes a financial obligation.

*** No student will be allowed to board the bus for the trip unless the class fee and trip fee is paid in full.

All payments are to be made via: www.myschoolbucks.com



Here is the SPRING 2019 – Concerts and Student Volunteer Opportunities.


Thanks to those who helped out with our bake sales!  If you have any questions about the bake sale, please email Sarah Jordan.

For any other volunteering opportunities or questions, please email Debbie Bermudez.

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