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At various points in the year, we will participate in parades. These events tie us to our community and are part of the history of our activity. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Know your position in the parade block. We will need to assemble quickly.

  • Stay covered down (i.e. directly behind the person in front of you).

  • Maintain a four-step spacing with the person/row ahead of you (use bigger/smaller steps).

  • Maintain at least two-step spacing side-to-side.

  • Be fun and engaging when you aren’t playing: the crowd is happy we’re here. A smile, friendly wave, or even a high-five shares the joy we have as a part of the group (and might even encourage someone to join in the future!).

  • Listen to and call out all cues/commands given. The cue makes sure that we are all starting together and well and prevents issues from occurring.

  • We will generally follow this sequence: 

    • ||: Fight Song - Cadence - Parade Tune - Cadence :||

    • The cadence provides recovery time for the wind players.

    • We will be in a new part of the route and thus playing for a different crowd. The small number of tunes allows for higher performance quality and relevancy to the event.

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