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The Band Program has much to offer students: life lessons such as discipline, respect, perseverance, and teamwork; self-expression and a greater appreciation for music; and an opportunity to make lasting friendships in a positive, healthy environment. 


You can help students maximize the value of your child’s music education by:


  • Showing an interest in the music studies of your child.

  • Attending booster meetings, concerts, games, assessments, and competitions to cheer students on.

  • Signing up to volunteer! On average, it takes 15 volunteer hours per student to do what we do well. There are many ways to help us. Be an active participant in benefiting the students, and be a part of our success!

  • Making faithful student attendance at all band activities important.

  • Arranging a regular time and place for your child to practice.

  • Asking to listen to performances of materials (skills and repertoire).

  • Encouraging students to practice daily: the results will speak for themselves!

  • Keeping the instrument in good repair, and stay stocked on essentials (at least four reeds, valve oil, etc.).

  • Being extra careful with school-owned instruments. Repair costs are high!

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