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Welcome! Experts have consistently demonstrated the positive impact the study of music has on reasoning, intelligence, and critical thinking. You have just proven them right by joining THE BAND! 


From amazing musical performances to memories and friendships that will last for the rest of your life, you’ve taken the first step into a journey that is going to be full of excitement, hard work, and fun! Through our program, you will have an opportunity to enrich your understanding and appreciation of music and foster the skills to deepen that passion over the course of your entire life.

Program Objectives
  • To teach music by its actual performance.

  • To develop performance skills of the various wind and percussion instruments.

  • To provide for the musical needs of the school and the community.

  • To develop discrimination and taste with regard to the selection and consumption of music.

  • To acquaint students with music theory/history and how history and musical composition relate to students’ current lives and musical experience.

  • To provide all students with the opportunity for a worthy use of their time, a means for self-expression, and a healthy social experience.

  • To develop the ability to function as a responsible member of a group, enhance interaction, and develop esprit de corps.

  • To foster leadership skills within each student.

Program Philosophy

Making great art is a virtuous cycle. It begins with an act of creation, making manifest a facet of more universal truths. The pursuit of creating great art reveals the limitless potential within ourselves, which in turn spurs us to create even better art, which reveals greater potential still. 

Your successful contribution to the program is focused around one core value: RESPECT. There are four ways in which respect is shown and given:


  • Respect for Self: YOU MATTER. You are worth your BEST efforts. Your work, focus, and attitude during rehearsals are a reflection of your commitment to doing your best at all times. Be honest with yourself. Be patient. The season is incredibly finite. Fill this short time with meaning and be relentless in your pursuit of growth. Anything less is potential unfulfilled.

  • Respect for Others: Respect the effort and time that your peers are investing in the ensemble (and thus, YOU) by giving them your best behavior and efforts at all times. Create an environment that enables good music; be aware of when good music happens. Be supportive of vulnerability, sincerity, and risk. Be kind to each other. Use respectful language that limits profanity in our learning space.

  • Respect for Environment: Leave everywhere you go better than you found it. Chairs, stands, and instruments are to be put away immediately after every rehearsal and performance. Instruments are to be stored in their cases, in their locker, locked. Trash is to be cleared. Food, drink (other than bottled water), candy, and gum are not allowed in any rehearsal space - no exceptions!


  • Respect for Music: Every music practice, rehearsal, and performance is precious. Music gives us a space to engage with and experience all of our emotions in a way that can provide comfort, healing, and connection for ourselves, as well as the audience. WE are the painter, paintbrush, and painting. Music is unlike any other art because no two performances are alike, and the art dissolves back into silence, leaving only its imprint and memory. Music can’t change the world; it can change people, but only if we make ourselves available to it. Be aware and present. Treasure and honor this sacred time.

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