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Road Crew

Diverse selection of percussion instruments and sound equipment that doesn’t march with the band but stands in front. 

Pit Crew

Pit Crew is a group of parent volunteers that gets to go on the field! The show can not happen without this group! They help the Pit percussion students get all of the instruments and equipment on and off the field for the show. Everything is on wheels, we even have a golf cart! Both veteran and rookie band parents are needed!  They will meet with the Pit Train Leader, and Operations VP to practice a few times before the first home game and the first competition. It is extremely helpful, especially for competitions, that at least 5 trained parents “regulars” are a part of the crew. 

Drum Major Stand

2 parents are needed to move the drum major stand during home games and competitions.  It is on wheels and pops up!! A little practice and you’ll have it down! As you can imagine it is important for the band to see the “conductor!” Also, there is a small box or step stool.

Back Drum Major Stand

There is a small stand on the opposite side of the field too. The band needs some direction when they turn around.

Drum Major Box

2 parents move the box to the 35-yard line to the right of the drum major stand

The Prop or Props

The Prop of Props are the artistic structures that help illustrate the theme of the show.  Think stage sets.

Prop Pros

4 minutes of fame!  4 parent volunteers are needed to place the props at their specific location on the field. Yes, you get to walk quickly, aka jog across the football field! You will meet to practice before the first show and again before the first competition.  Again, the show is not the same without the props, so 2  trained parents “regulars” are needed at every competition.  Remember home football games are extra practice!

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