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The uniform for marching band has two versions. Both the summer and full uniform are synonymous as THE uniform. The uniform is a symbol of the pride placed in members by the school and community. The pride and care you take in your uniform is a reflection of your pride in yourselves and the band as a whole. The rule of thumb is “ALL OR NOTHING”.
    The Marching Band and Color Guard summer uniform consists of:

  • Blue band polo - (issued by the school)

  • Khaki shorts - fingertip length or longer (student provided)

  • Ankle-length athletic socks - solid black, no patters (student provided)

  • Athletic shoes - no neon colors or vivid patters (student provided) 

    The Marching Band full uniform consists of:

  • Shakos - black marching hat with plume KEPT AT SCHOOL (provided by the school)

  • Marching Band Jacket - kept in garment bag (issued by the school)

  • FHS Marching Band Show Shirt - (issued by the school) 

  • Bibbers - black uniform pants (issued by the school)

  • Shorts / biker shorts / leggings - worn under bibbers (student provided)

  • Black gloves - kept in hat box or garment bag (issued by the school)

  • Solid black socks - calf-length socks so ankles are fully covered, no patterns (student provided)

  • Drillmasters - black marching shoes, for instrumentalists only (student provided)can be purchased for $40.00 at www.myschoolbucks.com

  • Garment Bag - bag for uniform and accessories (issued by the school)

    The Color Guard full uniform consists of:

  • Make-up / Hair Accessories - a list of make-up requirements for the season will be provided (student provided) 

  • FHS Marching Band Show Shirt - (issued by the school) 

  • Color Guard Uniform - (issued by the school)

  • Gloves - (can be purchased by parents at the beginning of marching band camp)

  • Black Leggings - full-length black leggings, no patterns (student provided)

  • Performance Shoes - (can be purchased by parents a the beginning of marching band camp)

  • Garment Bag - bag for uniform and accessories (issued by the school)

  • Warm ups optional - (student provided)


The Uniform must be complete at all times, ALL OR NOTHING.

  1. Gloves, hats and shoes must be clean and in excellent condition.

  2. All hair must be securely inside the hat or short enough that it does not touch the collar of the jacket. Elastic bands, clips, hairnets, or skullcaps are suggested. This is YOUR responsibility. If you aren’t sure about your hair, ask BEFORE the performance. 

  3. NO make-up or jewelry is permitted. Color Guard members may wear make-up as required by their costume.All earrings and other piercings must be removed or covered discreetly. 

  4. Black thermal wear (i.e. Under Armour) is allowed in colder temperatures.

  5. It is the student's responsibility to properly hang and store the uniform following performances. 


  1. Each band member is responsible for the proper care of the uniform or costume throughout the season.

  2. Damage to the uniform and/or lost pieces becomes the financial responsibility of the student to which it was issued.

  3. Take care of the uniform. Do not place it in a situation where it may become dirty, damaged or lost.

  4. The uniform may remain in the FHS uniform room or at home when it is not being used by the student. The whole uniform is the student’s responsibility.

  5. Alterations Guidelines:



    3. NEVER USE FUSIBLE WEB (Stitch Witch) on sleeves or pants

    4. Always use BLACK THREAD, hand sewing only



Our marching uniforms have highly specialized care instructions for dry cleaning, and several parts of the uniform are designed NOT to be cleaned. Should your uniform become dirty or soiled during the course of the season, please see our Uniform Coordinator or Mr. Buchroeder to get a copy of the cleaning instructions before you go to the dry cleaners. ANY UNIFORM THAT HAS BEEN CLEANED OR ALTERED INCORRECTLY AND DAMAGED WILL BE REPLACED AT THE EXPENSE OF THE STUDENT TO WHICH IT WAS ISSUED.  
At the end of the season, each member will be responsible for returning the uniform or costume and all of its pieces to the FHS band uniform room after the last marching band event. Students must return all pieces of the uniform or costume that they were originally issued and will be financially responsible for items that are damaged beyond repair and/or lost.

The preferred cleaner is Young's Cleaners

They are located at: 10782 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA  22030

Questions? Please email uniform coordinators Claudia Dwass and Katy Buchanan.

Tips for wearing the uniform at football games and competitions


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