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The uniform is a symbol of the pride placed in members by the school and community. The pride you take in the uniform is a reflection of your pride in yourselves and the band as a whole. We gain power and send the statement that we are stronger together.

The uniform for marching band has two versions. Both the summer and full uniform are synonymous as THE uniform:

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform consists of:

  • Band polo (included in fees), tucked in.

  • Khaki shorts (must be at least finger-tip length)

  • At times, jeans will be allowed (no holes or tears)

  • Gym shoes (student provided) OR Drillmasters (purchased through the Boosters)

  • Gym shoes should be predominantly single color - black or white.

  • White or black socks (ankle-length)

New Uniform.png
Full Uniform (Musician)

The full uniform consists of:

  • Jacket and side panel (provided by the school)

  • Pants (provided by the school)

  • Shako & plume (provided by the school)

    • The sousaphone section will wear berets

  • Drillmasters (purchased through the Boosters)

  • Solid black calf-length socks

  • Black show shirt (included in fees)

    • Students may also opt to wear black form-fitting Under Armor (or similar
      style) athletic wear. This is especially helpful in the cold of the later season.

  • Black athletic shorts

  • Black gloves (included in fees)

    • Percussionists do not wear gloves

Full Uniform (Color Guard)

Depending on the activity/event, color guard members will wear their warm-up gear (provided by the school) or the competition show uniform. As the show uniform will change from year to year, the specific requirements will also adapt accordingly.

Wearing the Uniform
  • Gloves, shako, and shoes must be clean, wrinkle-free, and in excellent condition.

  • The shako should be worn so that the top is level and the brim splitting your vision. The strap should be snug under the chin.

  • All hair must be securely inside the hat or short enough that it does not touch the collar of the jacket. Avoid loose “stragglers.” Elastic bands, clips, hairnets, or skull caps are suggested.

  • When carrying the hat, carry it tucked into your left elbow while gripping the brim with three fingers.

  • Facial hair must be neatly trimmed and above the collar. Clean-shaven is preferred.

  • Refrain from wearing make-up. Due to sweating, it can run and discolor the uniform.

    • Color guard is permitted to wear the make-up outlined as part of their costume.

  • No jewelry is permitted. Earrings and other piercings may be covered by a flesh-colored band-aid, though removal is preferred.

  • Athletic shorts must be worn under the uniform. There are no dressing rooms, everyone changes together.

  • A completely black garment must be worn underneath the jacket. Certain body movements may expose areas underneath the jacket. The black garment ensures uniformity and coverage.

  • It is the students’ responsibility to properly hang and store the uniform following performances.

Uniform Care and Maintenance
  • Do not eat, and only drink water while wearing your jacket.

  • Never iron the uniform. Use a steamer when necessary.

  • If the uniform is wet, do not store the uniform in the garment bag until it is completely dry. Use fans to accelerate the drying process.

  • DO NOT ALTER/REPAIR THE UNIFORM ON YOUR OWN. If alterations/repairs are necessary, consult a member of the uniform staff or a uniform parent. 

  • Always return the uniform and hat to its assigned location (by number).

  • Fold your jacket when it is not hanging.

  • Make sure that your uniform hangs freely from the hanger.

  • Secure the pants and jacket to the hanger so they do not fall off the hanger.

  • When transporting your garment bag, make sure to fold the bag in half so that the name tag is visible. This will help identify uniforms.

Uniform Maintenance and Replacements Agreement

Our uniform is custom-designed for our school and hand-made individually. It takes a substantial amount of time and money for a single uniform to be produced. This investment by our school and community must be cared for by all members.


Students and their families are responsible for any damage or loss of the uniform, in whole or in part. The replacement fee will be based upon the current production cost for the specific components needing replacement. As of 2020, the cost was $500 to provide:

  • A custom-designed and -manufactured jacket

  • A custom-designed and -manufactured side-panel (that is specific to each jacket)

  • Custom-designed and -manufactured pants

  • A custom-designed and -manufactured shako

  • A custom-designed and -manufactured plume

  • A branded garment bag specifically designed to meet the needs of marching bands.

  • A hat box specifically designed to hold our shakos and plumes (and a part of an integrated storage system)

  • A contoured hanger designed to maintain the shape and integrity of the pants and jacket


The cost may be higher or lower depending on whether the component is available a la carte, increased manufacturing cost for single items, or changes in prices provided by the manufacturer.


Questions? Please email the Uniform Coordinators at

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