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Uniform Tips for Football Games and Competitions
  • Students should bring their garment bag with full uniform to school on game Fridays (if they aren’t going home), or bring it when they come back to school before the game.

  • Hats and gloves will be kept at the school and handed out before the first game or competition.

  • Hats and plumes:

    • Hats are assigned by numbers (found inside the hat and on the hatbox). Hat assignment lists will be posted on the hat carts.

    • Students should return the hat boxes (with gloves inside) to the racks after games and competitions, and pick them up again right before the next show.

    • Please pay attention to the hat number so it can be put away on the correct rack.

    • DO NOT store food or water in the hat box.

    • Plumes will be distributed before each game or competition, and collected afterwards.

Here are a few more pointers to get ready for the game and competition:

  • Alterations: Alterations should be completed before the first game or competition of the year. Don’t leave this to the last minute! Learn more about uniform wear, care, and alteration

  • What to wear to games or competition: Most students wear their show shirt with shorts or leggings and change into their full uniform at the school before football games. We ask that students also do this for competition bus rides. Students will bring uniforms in garment bags and hat boxes on the bus and change before the competition. Students should not eat or drink anything but water once in uniform.

  • Hair and jewelry: All students must wear long hair off of their neck/collar for competitions, meaning hair is worn up in the shako/hat. NO jewelry is allowed during competition-this includes watches, earrings, rings, and bracelets. If items can be seen when you play your instrument, please remove them.


Don’t worry - the uniform team will be available at all marching band performances. If you’re interested in helping before or after games and competitions, please email Claudia Dwass and Katy Buchanan at fhsbuniforms@gmail.com.


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