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The annual fruit sale fundraiser through Florida Indian River Groves is usually late January into February! FHS Band students all receive the order form and payment envelope in class. Extra order forms are available in the band room.

FHS Fruit Sale Online Order Door Tag Sheet 2019

A few changes to note:

  • new protective packaging in trays with precise quantities

  • new larger boxes available

  • there is no spot on the order form to put the $40 box orders, so please just either put in the small margin on the form or simply annotate the order specifically as a $40 in one of the existing columns.

  • Sell fruit only in the NOVA/DC/MD area.  We also have a “Donation” option for remote family, friends, and supporters (like Alumni FHS Band members & Families!)

Fruit will be delivered early March.  Exact date TBD.


Questions about the fruit sales?  Email Ted Cummings or Sonja Cummings


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